Soudronic VSA 50 E Automatic Welder

Soudronic VSA 50 E Automatic Welder


The machine is currently working and can be seen.

Brand: Soudronic

Model: VSA 50 E

Dimension: For Square Cans

Origin: Switzerland

Condition: Second Hand

Service Provided (Optional)

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Caglar Makina is able to provide any kind of second hand canning machines such as welder, slitter or full production line. Furthermore, we offer our valuable clients field maintenance, installation for the machines that we provide and also giving education about the machines you buy from us.

The can body welder is at the heart of any three-piece can manufacturing line. It forms the body blanks into their basic shape and welds the seam overlap. Soudronic welding principle requires only a minimal overlap of a few tenths of a millimeter. Optimum control of the welding current combined with precision-matched pressure on the overlap guarantees a mashed seam of only 1.4 times the thickness of the sheet metal.

Customer benefits:

  • Minimal risk of wire breaks and damage to welding rollers
  • Less down-time
  • Increase of production efficiency
  • Fewer reject cans in the down line

Some of other Soudronic Welders in our stock:

Over-current reduction system

System for over-current reduction for wire and machine protection including reject can control. OCR-R guarantees an economical and effective detection of contamination of the body blank within the welding station. The weld current of the machine decreases immediately and is reset after a few milliseconds. The risk of a wire break is minimized to almost zero. The canbody with partial weld seam is ejected and production continues without interruption. Soudronic is of of the best automatic can welding machine manufacturer in the Europe. It has the best quality so far. It offers life long service and spare part support. for custmers.